Charged With a Crime?

If you are facing criminal charges, your reputation, freedom, and future may be at stake, but that does not mean that you should give up hope.  To protect your rights, you should speak with a criminal defense lawyer who can offer the help and guidance you need.  You can trust that Houston criminal attorney Daniel Valdez will help you understand the legal process and fight for your rights.  Having a criminal conviction on your record will have a long-standing negative effect on both you and your future.  Minimizing these negative effects and consequences of a criminal arrest and charge is the goal of Houston criminal attorney Daniel Valdez. 

At Valdez Legal Advocacy, we work tirelessly to defend all types of misdemeanors and felonies in Texas, including DWI and intoxication cases, drug offenses (including possession and manufacturing or delivery), and violent crimes such as aggravated assault and crimes involving weapons.    

Remember: YOU ARE INNOCENT UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY.  It is important to know your legal rights and to have someone on your side that will fight to protect them and your freedom.  Before making any statements to law enforcement or prosecuting attorneys, contact Valdez Legal Advocacy first at 1-888-VLA-PLLC or book your consultation now by clicking below!  Know that anything you say, or offer may be used against you, and the more information and evidence they have against you, the harder your case could be to defend.  The court system and the legal process are overwhelming, Valdez Legal Advocacy is here to answer all questions concerning your case and keep you informed every step of the way.